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Mary Smith "Polly" "b. 1767"

Born: 1767 In Wilmington, Delaware

Death: 1792 In Virginia

Burial: 1792


Father: Ericus Smith

Mother: Brigita Andersdotter

Spouse: Ephraim Hatfield

Born: 1765 In Washington County, Virginia

Death: 13-Oct-1847 At Blackberry Creek In Pike County, Kentucky

Burial: Oct-1847 In The Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery At Blackberry Creek In Pike County, Kentucky

Father: Joseph Hatfield

Mother: Elizabeth Vance "Deliz"


Joseph Hatfield b. 1785

Eli Hatfield "Aly" b. 1786

Ericus Hatfield "Aik" b. 1788

Valentine Hatfield "Wall"

Lydia Bridget Hatfield "Biddy"

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