Genesis 4:18 And unto E'-noch was born I'-rad: and I'-rad begat Me-hu'-ja-el: and Me-hu'-ja-el begat Me-thu'-sa-el: and Me-thu'-sa-el begat La'-mech.

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Joseph Hatfield "b. 1739"

Born: 1739 In Washington County, Virginia

Death: 29-Aug-1832 In Campbell County, Tennessee

Burial: 1832 In Walker Cemetery, South Of Oneida, Tennessee

Marriage: In 1760 Russell County, Virginia

Father: George Goff Hatfield Sr.

Mother: Unk

Spouse: Elizabeth Vance "Deliz"

Born: 1735 In Isle Of Wight County, Virginia

Death: Dec-1778 In Washington County, Virginia

Burial: Dec-1778

Marriage: 1760 In Russell County, Virginia

Father: Ephraim Vance

Mother: Theodosia Hewlings


Ephraim Hatfield

Valentine Hatfield b. 1767

George Hatfield b. 1770

Andrew Warren Hatfield b. 1776

Joseph Hatfield Jr. b. 1777

Ale Hatfield b. 1778

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