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Plus Energy

Plus-Energy This is a non-profit organization for students fighting cancer. The story of this organization begins several years ago at UVA. Two of my neice's friends, Libby Guanlao and Christine Kowal, co-founded a student-based cancer-fighting organization called Fighting, Overcoming, and Responding to Cancer Everywhere ("FORCE"). FORCE's mission included patient support, outreach, and fund-raising events. For example, FORCE members have volunteered at the UVA Cancer Center, hosted cancer awareness and prevention weeks, and have held many fund-raising events to support the Cancer Center and other cancer-related organizations. To date, FORCE has directly raised over $100,000.

Libby, Christine and a group of other individuals have joined together to take this organization - now known as Plus Energy (or +Energy) - to other colleges and universities throughout the country. Plus Energy has recently submitted documentation to be granted non-profit status, and we are beginning to work with other colleges to begin new chapters. Also, our website is now up and running, so please feel free to check us out at Plus-Energy

William Reynolds Vance

When John W. Davis left the faculty in 1897 to pursue private practice, William Reynolds Vance, who had just graduated from Washington and Lee University School of Law that year, was hired to take his place. In 1902, Henry St. George Tucker left the position of dean and Vance was named as his successor.

Harry Tucker had been so impressed with Vance that, in 1903, Tucker persuaded him to join the faculty of Columbian (later George Washington) University where Tucker was then dean. Two years later, Tucker resigned that deanship, and Vance again succeeded him.

Vance was also dean at the University of Minnesota law school (1912-1918). He taught at Yale law school from 1920-1938. A prolific author, Vance was general editor of the American Case Book series produced by West Publishing from 1912 through 1935. He died in New Haven in 1940.

William Reynolds Vance

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